Areas of Giving

Private Schools

The Sheridan Foundation provides grants to independent schools in Baltimore City and
Baltimore County. Examples of grants the Foundation has provided include the following:

● general scholarship support
● middle income and STEM scholarships
● building construction and improvements
● computer hardware/software and science instruments
● school minibusses and minivans

 Cultural Arts

The Sheridan Foundation has historically supported cultural arts institutions in Baltimore
City. Examples of its grant making in this area include the following:

● building construction and improvements, including environmental studies
● websites and software
● programs to educate school children
● exhibit support

Trustees from L-R: John Sinclair, Lawrie Deering, Mary DeKuyper, Jessica Schram.

Henry Smyth, Gilman School Headmaster (L), former trustee Mark Fetting (C), Trustee Scott Wieler (R)

Trustee Philip D. English

Trustee Ellen Dew

Trustee Stephanie McCormick

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